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Are you worried about your future after a DWI charge? Is your family going through a divorce or battle? C.W. Lachey Law, PLLC is your local family lawyer in Mint Hill, NC. He is dedicated to helping you fight a DWI charge and make the right decisions for your family.

Attorney Lachey is a sole practitioner, which means that you’ll have the advantage of working directly with your attorney during each stage of your case. When you need a civil defense lawyer or family lawyer, get in touch with C.W. Lachey Law today to schedule your legal consultation.

Attorney Lachey

Work directly with your attorney

3 reasons to hire a lawyer

You don’t want to make the mistake of facing the judge alone.

You need to hire a lawyer for support when:

You get a DWI

A DWI lawyer will look at every detail of your case to increase your chances of a dropped or reduced charge.

Your loved one passes away

If you’re named the executor of a loved one’s will, a probate lawyer can help you navigate the complicated processes of probate court.

You’re ready to file for divorce

If your marriage has dissolved, you want to have a divorce lawyer in your corner.

Get in touch with C.W. Lachey Law when you need a family lawyer or criminal lawyer in Mint Hill, NC.

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when you need legal guidance with:

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Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with a DWI charge or traffic offense, so contact C.W. Lachey Law as soon as possible.