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The holidays are here! Every family celebrates Thanksgiving differently, but if you’ve recently separated or divorced then you might be learning how to celebrate around a custody schedule with your children. If you’re going through the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be difficult, even with family support. Each year holds its own challenges, but Thanksgiving is all about finding things to appreciate and counting our blessings.

We hope that this Thanksgiving you are able to surround yourself with family and friends, enjoy good food, and have some fun with those you care about. It seems to be becoming popular to get an early Christmas tree and make a “Gratitude Tree” for Thanksgiving. People are cutting out construction paper ornaments and writing things they appreciate to hang on the tree. It’s a good group activity for the holiday, but if you’re celebrating alone you can still write down and focus on all the good things that you have done for others or that others have done for you over the past year.

If you are not going to be spending the holiday with your children this year, try writing each child a card with a list of things you appreciate about them. It can be a good way to feel close to them even if they aren’t there, plus you never know the positive impact it can have on your child to have a list of the things you admire about them. Similarly, if you have just lost a loved one, writing a letter of appreciation can help you feel that person’s presence rather than their absence. Listing your favorite memories brings those memories back to life, even if it’s just for the amount of time it takes to write about them.

Remember that this holiday is associated with a higher rate of DWI associated accidents, so be careful on the roads. We appreciate you and wish you a wonderful holiday.

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