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Civil Litigation

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Solve a dispute in a court of law.

Civil litigation refers to the process where civil matters are resolved in a court setting. Civil matters include situations that deal with the relationships between people or business entities, like a contract dispute between two companies or a marriage contract dispute between two partners. Instead of a person getting involved in a case with the government, which is a criminal case, civil litigation cases involve an individual or business that files a lawsuit against another individual or business.

Civil Litigation

When you find yourself involved in a civil suit, proper legal representation is a necessity. At C.W. Lachey Law, our law firm can represent you in a civil litigation suit with tenacity, diligence, and honesty. Our role in the civil litigation process is to protect your interests and provide guidance and reassurance throughout the duration of your case.

Stand up for yourself and your interests by hiring us to represent you in your upcoming civil litigation case. Set up a consultation with our law firm today by contacting us directly.

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