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The holidays after a divorce or separation can feel like a confusing change, especially with children. You may have your children with you one year and not have them with you the next, so you have to be flexible. While holiday traditions may no longer be the same, you can still find fun and affordable ways to make new memories and even create some new traditions with your children when they are with you for the holidays. Here are a few holiday activity ideas that can help you make the most of the time you have with your children.

1. Homemade Ornaments
Create memories by making your own ornaments. You can all work on one ornament together and make it family themed, or each person can make their own that is special to them. There are tons of ways to be creative with this, from making an ornament out of clay to painting an ornament from the store, so keep it simple and have fun with it. While you decorate try listening to your favorite Christmas songs, or whatever tunes you and your kids can enjoy together.

2. Gingerbread House Decorating
Set everyone up with their own little gingerbread house or partner off with each grouping working on one together. Maybe make it a friendly contest and have small prizes for the most creative decoration. If you only want to decorate one gingerbread house, assign each kid one side of the house. If you make multiple gingerbread houses you can put them all together and create a name for your family “neighborhood” together.

3. Holiday Slumber Party
Throw a family sleep-over in your family room. Get your holiday pajamas on, put together everyone’s favorite snacks, maybe even build a blanket fort, and watch your favorite holiday movies together. If you stay up after the movies, try telling Christmas stories instead of ghost stories by the light of the Christmas tree.

4. See Holiday Lights Together
If you live near any holiday light displays like McAdenville or Tanglewood, or you live in an area where people pull out all the stops when it comes to decorating, get everyone in the car and drive around to take in the decorations together. Bring some to-go cups of hot chocolate for the car, or maybe have some hot cocoa when you get back and ask your kids what their favorite light displays were.

These ideas should help you be present with your children, enjoy quality time with them, and find some fun in your new normal. Remember to be flexible and keep things as low-stress as possible. Things may not be perfect and it will feel different for both you and your children so don’t be afraid to go with the flow and get your children’s opinions too for how these or any other activities can really be made fun and memorable for everyone.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

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